Cello Academy Zutphen

Music is a way of life, a path that requires regular practice, study and deepening. 

The Cello Academy Zutphen is there for cellists who want to walk this path unconditionally. For them we organise intensive yearly and project programmes.

Our annual programmes are open to:

  • Conservatory cello students (bachelor’s and master’s degrees)
  • Post-master’s students who want to explore their profession further
  • Professional cellists who feel the need for new challenges

Participants of the Monasteries and Retreats are of various nationalities. 

The working language of is English. Please read our flyer for more details, such as dates and contribution.

9 – 12 may in Zutphen
with guest teachers Jakob Koranyi and Homayoon Kazemi

A cooperation of cellists, composers and visual art
From 9 – 12 of may you can join the Research Bootcamp in Dat Bolwerck in Zutphen. Cello and composition students both deepen their work around the exposition of Margot Schaap about ‘Birth and Motherhood’. The composers will weave their thougts and memories of the theme in their music. Together with the cellists they will work towards a presentation for a live audience. Besides the theme of the exposition the focus of the research is on contemporary and/or new composed music.

 More about the retreat and apply >>


Being a musician is the most beautiful combination imaginable between hands and heart. The artistically unlimited space and unity with the instrument is the source of inspiring ideas that present themselves naturally.

The path to performing art is just as much a path inwards, which needs to be practised. With this inner quest, we hope to invite the artist to express freely, and to give the self-confidence to search the way beyond words.

CelloWercken Zutphen offers in a series of Monasteries the structure in which this practice takes place. We investigate the right inner attitude towards studying. After that we can look at studying as a basis and structure for practicing freedom through cello- meditation.

What makes the Cello Academy Zutphen so special?

Dedicated teachers

The teachers of the Cello Academy Zutphen are all inspired musicians themselves. They are examples for their students. In word, play and performance, they live out why they do what they do. Our teachers have confidence in your development and set the bar high for you. They offer you all the security you need and many challenges to learn, experiment and perform. This is how you will discover your strength as a cellist.

Small-scale community

Our participants learn from, with and about each other in small groups.  Each Monastery includes individual lessons, private study space, rehearsals with piano, ensemble playing moments and performances. The small scale means that our teachers have all the attention for you and for everyone’s development. Together, we form a close-knit group. Because of the attention and care for each other, you will reach a higher level than on your own.

Inspiring environment

The home base of the Cello Academy is Dat Bolwerck, a medieval complex in the historic centre of Zutphen. Dat Bolwerck offers an inspiring environment, sober and free of distractions. There are rooms for individual lessons, self-study, group lessons, performances and relaxation.

What does the Cello Academy
do and why?

Our annual programme is divided into Monasteries, intensive study blocks of three days each (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Each Monastery concludes with a public concert, where the participants put into practice what they have learned.

The aim of our annual programme is to stimulate you in such a way that you:

  • Learn to make music with dedication.

Teachers of the Cello Academy challenge you to develop broadly, as a cellist, as a musician and as a human 

being. This will turn you into a real performer, moved and inspired, who dares and is able to go beyond technical perfection.

  • Making the inspiration tangible for your audience.

As a participant of the Cello Academy Zutphen, you will discover how to connect with your audience and how to convey the emotions of your music.


Jeroen den Herder

Professor violoncello Codarts Rotterdam en Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Teaches all monasteries

Leonid Gorokhov

Professor of violoncello Hochschule fur Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover

Joachim Eijlander

Professor Violoncello Codarts Rotterdam, Violoncelle Institute Royal superieure de Musique et de Pedagogie Namur

Hua-Hsuan Lee

Piano and repetitor

Gavriel Lipkind

Soloist, professor at Kronberg Academy. Founder ConcertLab Utrecht.



09-11 December
with Leonid Gorokhov

20-22 January with Leonid Gorokhov

03-05 March with Joachim Eijlander

28-30 April with Gavriel Lipkind

02-04 June with Joachim Eijlander


The costs are € 300,- incl. VAT (full board) per student per Monastery. If you apply for a year package, it will be € 1250,- incl. VAT (full board) per student.

Early bird
When you book a Monastery before 7 November 2022, you’ll receive a discount of
€ 30,-.

Price includes housing, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Travel costs are not included.


If you like to register for one of the Monasteries, please send an email to: